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Lambeth Cemetery

Path 1 Section - Karin Grey Full Kerb Memorial

This bespoke stepped full kerb memorial is finished off with a matching stepped onset cover slab and a elegant spun vasea modification of our MB-138/NM-141 to comply with this cemeteries regulations.

A3 Gen Section - Black granite full kerb memorial

A traditional black granite full kerb memorial finished with grey granite chippings.

Click here for our MB-133

A3 Gen Section - Black Granite Gates Style Memorial

This cemetery don't allow wing or gate type headstones so here to get around the issue we have a headstone shaped as an ogee top with rounded step down corners and sandblasted pinlines to give the impression of a gate type memorial. Crosses & coloured roses finish off this style.

Click here for our MB103

A3 Gen Section - Gate Style Full Kerbed Memorial

Shown in silk blue/bahama blue granite, this one piece gate style headstone and base come securely fitted to a kerb surround the grey granite chippings contrast nicely against the colour of the granite.

A2 Section - Blue Pearl Full Kerb Memorial WIth Onset Coverslab

This headstone & base memorial has been converted to a full memorial by the addition of a kerb surround and full coverslab, a stylish heart sits to the foot of the memorial.

A3 Gen Section - MB-133 Black Full Kerb Memorial With Book Design

Traditional black granite full kerb memorial as our MB133 but with an added book and rose design in gold leaf.

A3 Gen Section - Black Granite Memorial With Etched Hands

All polished black granite lawn memorial with an etched touching hands design and a sandblasted double heart to the memorial base.

Etchings from £175-00

Click here for our MB112

C3 Gen Section - Karin Grey Granite Round Front Memorial

This is a modified version of our MB138 finished in Karin grey granite, this time with an ogee top and sandblasted Ivy design finished in gold leaf.

Click here for our MB138

A3 Gen Section - Traditional Black Granite Full Kerb Memorial

Shown is a traditional black grenite full kerb memorial with white chippings to the garden area.

Click here for our MB-133

D3 Cons Section - Black Granite With Gold Keyline

A large lawn memorial in black granite as our MB-112 but with an added gold keyline to the face edge, different designs or etchings can be added. Please get in touch for costs.

Click here for our MB-112 




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In our older memorial brochure you will find a large selection of the granite and marble memorials, headstones and gravestones that are available to you.

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Lambeth Cemetery