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Memorial Inscriptions Examples

Please find below a small selection of inscription headings and verses. For a more comprehensive list click here to download.

Headings To Inscriptions

In Loving Memory of

In Ever Loving Memory of

Sacred To The Memory of

In Ever Affectionate Remembrance of

Treasured Affectionate Remembrance of

Quotations & Epitaphs

Gone but not forgotten

Rest in peace

Forever in our thoughts

Always in our hearts

Not gone from memory, nor from love

Peace perfect peace

Gone is the face I loved so dear
Silent the voice I loved to hear
This sad but true, I wonder why
The best are always the first to die

We had no chance to say goodbye
But for you dear, we will not cry
But in our hearts we’ll hide our pain
Until someday we’ll meet again

We cannot bring the old days back
Her/His hand we cannot touch
But we have such lovely memories
Of the one we loved so much



In our memorial brochure you will find a selection of the granite, marble & natural stone memorials, headstones and gravestones that are available to you.

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Click below to download the pricelist for our memorial brochure.

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In our older memorial brochure you will find a large selection of the granite and marble memorials, headstones and gravestones that are available to you.

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Memorial Inscriptions Examples