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Eltham (Falconwood) Cemetery

I Section Kuppam Green & Black Granite Memorial

This memorial is a mix of our NM-109 headstone with black granite heart panel set onto the kerb surround of our MB-138/NM-141. The beautiful steps & curves of this memorial are finished off with a round vase.

D Section Black granite full kerb memorial

Here we have a black granite full kerb memorial with vase posts to four corners and a wedge tablet set onto the coverslab, the wedge shape of the tablet will ensure the longevity of the gold letters to the tablet.

MB-138/NM-141 In Blue Pearl Granite

Always stunning, our round front memorial with hand carved floral design to the headstone fitted on our signature round fronted concrete foundation.

Click here for our MB-138/NM-141

K CR Section - Black Memorial With Mini Kerbs

Black granite memorial with profiled edge and garden kerbset, finished with a matching spun vase and black recycled glass chippings.

K CR Section - Triple Heart Mini Kerbed Memorial

Triple heart memorial with pinlines in gold & poppy designs, finished with a small garden kerbset half chamfered.

I Section - Paradiso Granite Full Kerb Memorial

Our MB134/NM140 full kerb memorial with curved page book & sanded cord & tassle, here shown in Paradiso granite.

Click here for our MB134/NM140

I Section - Black Granite Angel Over Carved Book

This magnificent black granite vertical curved page book has a beautifully carved angel watching over it, the carving is finished with an antique effect to show off the features of this carved memorial.

Click here for our MB145



In our memorial brochure you will find a selection of the granite, marble & natural stone memorials, headstones and gravestones that are available to you.

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In our older memorial brochure you will find a large selection of the granite and marble memorials, headstones and gravestones that are available to you.

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Eltham (Falconwood) Cemetery